eCeyPay is a company aiming to revolutionize online payments by providing simple and trusted Payment Processing Solutions for Merchants or Individuals. The eCeyPay product targets only Sri Lankan travel and leisure sector businesses primarily with a view to make online card acceptance more easily integrated with lower costs and most importantly minimal fraud. Services provided include Secure Payment Gateway, Fraud Preventions systems with convenient payment options.


eCeyPay is owned by FeedMe Ltd Sri Lanka.

Yes, it is safe for you and for your customers provided the necessary precautions are followed to minimize risks.


eCeyPay uses the latest version of Secure Socket Layer (SSL) system and we never hold credit card hoders data on our own servers, except for none sensitive data such as name, emails and address details will be hold on our servers, rest of card holders sensitive data, such as card numbers, CV2 numbers, card expiry data etc... will be captured & processed through "Sampath Bank Paycorp Payment Gateway", which is fully PCI DSS compliant and secure.  Once data processed & transmitted from Sampath Bank Paycorp Secure Servers, all data will be in encrypted form. This ensures that no one can intercept the transaction and obtain sensitive information.


However, there are many other precautions that you are required to take, according to Visa, MasterCard, Payment Card Industry (PCI) Standard compliances which we will be informing you in due course.

You will be able to accept all major credit/debit cards from MasterCard, Visa, American Express, Diners Club and associated brands. For further details please contact us.
Registration is a very simple and quick process. You may click here to register online and an Account officer would contact you to clarify all your doubts and take the relationship further.
You can accept and process in over 100 worldwide currencies. However, all payments will be settled in Sri Lankan Rupees (LKR) currency.
We accept any size (Micro / Small / Medium Enterprises) of Travel and Leisure sector merchants who are currently registered in Sri Lanka as a Private Ltd Business , Sole Trader or a Partnership wanting to sell online but without the capacity to accept online payments. Corporate Merchants are also welcome to sign-up with us. With our network of acquiring banks we can provide an account for a wide range of merchant categories.

The documents required may vary depending on the nature of business. Our requirements are very merchant friendly as follows:


In General we require the following documents to sign you up as a merchant:


  • Merchant Application – Online Registration
  • Certificate of incorporation
  • Certified copy of the Articles of Association
  • The board resolution of Directors – Format attached
  • Form 20
  • Form 1
  • Photocopies of NIC/Passport or Driving license of all the Directors
  • Bank statement/Bank passes book/ Cheque to confirm account details

For Individuals "" Valid Passport, Residence ID (National Identity Card), Bank Account Details. For Companies "" Updated Commercial Registration Proof , Electricity, Water or Land Line Telephone Bill of the company.


If you are using your own merchant facility within eCeyPay, we will only require to complete online signup application.


However, It is important that the merchant may provide any further documentation that helps demonstrate the financial stability to determine that the company will continue operating successfully well into the future.

Registration is required to use eCeyPay service. We require accurate information in order to process your registration smoothly. Merchant information must kept up to date at all times to avoid inconvenience and delays especially in processing of funds. eCeyPay has the rights to suspend, terminate or will not approve the application to Merchants who provide inaccurate, untrue or misrepresented data or those who fail to comply with the requirements needed.


Also, as per the mandate by Banks as well as Payment associations like MasterCard, Visa, Amex etc., we (eCeyPay) need to do appropriate due diligence before approving your application.


The reason you must apply and be approved in order to get a merchant account is because there is the risk of losing money every time a credit or reversal is processed on a credit card transaction on behalf of your business. Visa and MasterCard have a very clear policy that is enforced when a cardholder pays for goods / services, which is:


The cardholder is entitled to receive the promised good or service. If such good or service is not delivered then the cardholder is entitled to getting their money back. This is one of the basic consumer protection principles that apply to credit card transactions. In order to mitigate this risk the credit card processor should have a robust screening / application process.


A merchant bank account is simply a bank account that exists for the purpose of holding funds resulting from credit and debit card sales. Funds are credited to this account normally in about 2 business days (subject to terms & conditions) or based on a predetermined time frame (e.g. weekly or monthly basis).


A merchant bank account is based on a merchant agreement which is a legal agreement between the merchant and eCeyPay which contains the terms and conditions and a contract to sign.

The moment the merchant signs up, he can go and integrate with eCeyPay using the test account setup. Once he has completed testing of the various functionalities and payment methods, and is willing to go live, he may register for a live account.

Payment Gateway is a service that automates the payment transactions between the customer and merchant. It is usually a 3rd party service that is actually a system of computer processes that process, verify, and accept or decline credit card transactions on behalf of the merchant through secure internet connections. The payment gateway is the infrastructure that allows a merchant to accept credit card and other forms of electronic payment.


When processing a credit card transaction, information needs to be sent to the cardholder's bank to check if the card is valid and has sufficient funds to pay for the sale. In a traditional brick and mortar transaction it's actually the POS (point of sale) machine which takes the cardholder data, formats it and sends it to Visa or MasterCard to see if the customer has sufficient funds.


In an ecommerce transaction the service takes place online via a payment gateway. The payment gateway receives transaction requests that are sent online and then connects to Visa or MasterCard, and ultimately to the cardholder's bank to see if they have sufficient funds and it is a valid card etc.


eCeyPay is a provider of such a payment gateway for the merchants.

Depending on the readiness of the merchant, it could take anywhere between 2 hours to 72 hours to integrate.

You will need a fully functional online store where you can easily plug-in our script (complete instructions will be provided). Once your application is approved, you will be provided with a eCeyPay Merchant login ID and your bank account with our affiliated banks in your designated country of application.

No additional software is required on your behalf. Your online store is already programmed in one of the popular programming languages (php, asp, java...), so you simply plug-in few snippets of the code we give you and you're done. Once set up, you will be able to safely login at our gateway to manage your transactions, merchant accounts and to print statements.

Online transaction reporting is available 24/7, providing up to the minute, detailed information which merchants can use to confirm payments, identify processing problems, and other issues. You will be able to login to our systems and print out statements yourself or see your entire history of transactions in real-time.

Merchants will get paid in about 2 business days (subject to terms & conditions). However, eCeyPay might hold the amount for a short period depending on a variety of factors, including but not limited to a proprietary set of rules, chargeback rates, transaction behavior, and other supplemental data about your business.

Withdrawal Fee is the amount paid by the Merchant for bank transfer of the Sales proceeds from eCeyPay bank account to the Merchant's Bank account.

"Fulfillment duration" refers to the amount of time that passes between when a payment is collected and when the product or service is delivered. The greater time that passes between the date of the sale and the date the order is complete, the higher the risk score.


Even though we accept most of business category types within the travel and leisure sector such hotels, travel agents, tour operators, guides organisers etc.. eCeyPay have right to turn down any application due to the nature of your business model even though it is a business with in travel and leisure sector business. This is mainly to do with the financial risk associated to this category, business or individual.


As a matter of principle eCeyPay never accept any merchants with business categories or service falling outside travel and leisure sector.