About Us

eCeylon Pay is only payment gateway provider, who is specialised for travel and leisure sector business across Sri Lanka. Our main goal is to provide online payment facility for individuals or small to medium size business without worried about lengthily application process, high annual fees or signup fees. Our solution is ideal for establishments such as Guides Groups, BnBs, Guest Houses, self catering holiday apartments, camping sites, small to medium size hoteliers and caravan parks who wish to receive payments from their clients via credit or debit cards.

eCeylon Pay is also ideal for small leisure sector businesses that don’t own a website but use social media networks like Facebook or Instagram to sell their services. Our solution is easy to use and highlights on a restful approach for the merchants to collect payments easily. eCeyPay is also a solution which can be easily integrated to your own web platform according to your needs and to fit with your business model. Most of the platforms we should be able to complete integration process with in just 24 hours.

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